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How it works

What makes us special? 

Personalized menus specific to your needs whether you just want balanced nutrition that tastes good or you have certain special dietary needs.  We cater to those who need special diets for:  diabetes, celiac disease, ADD/ADHD, pregnancy/fertility, Daniel Fasting, cardiac care, cancer, and more. 


The vision for "Chef Inspired Meals" was birthed out of a need we observed.  No one has time!  Families have no time for cooking and even eating good meals and Chef knows first hand how our bodies respond to nutrition - good nutrition.


We want to provide the nutrition the body needs to operate the best it can and we want to give people back the ability to get that with time.



What makes us different? Our unique packaging.

  1. Our packing deprives the food of oxygen & prevents bacteria and mold growth. 

  2. It protects food from dehydration so moisture cannot evaporate keeping food fresher and forming an excellent barrier from the elements. 

  3. Flavorful juices are held in along with more nutrients -   you will notice the difference in taste.

  4. It extends the life of the food so you get it just as if it came direct from the chef's kitchen to your table.

We care and we deliver.  Chef Chris Paul knows first-hand how to cope with special dietary needs and the company was inspired by his compassion for others.  Chef Inspired Meals!

Samantha Fillion -

"Delicious meals that make healthy eating easier than ever!

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